T900X Miniature I/P, E/P Transducer for Electronic Air Pressure Control

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The Type-9OOX l/P, E/P transducers are a series of compact electronic pressure regulators that convert an electrical signal (current or voltage) to a proportional pneumatic output. Utilizing internal solid-state feedback circuitry, the Type-9OOX provides precise, stable pressure outputs to final control elements. Immunity to the effects of vibration or mounting position, high tolerance to impure air, and low air consumption make this unit ideal for use in demanding applications.
The heart of this unique technology is a bimorph piezo actuator that is encapsulated in a protective skin. This protective skin provides defense against the humidity and contaminants often d in process operating environments

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4-20mA,0-10 VDC, 1-9 VDC, 0-5 VDC, 1-5 VDC


1-17 psig 
0.07-1.20 BAR

3-15 psig - 
0.20-1.00 BAR

3-27 psig 
0.20-1.80 BAR

6-30 psig 
0.40-2.00 BAR

2-60 psig
0.20- 4.00 BAR

2-100 psig
0.14 - 6.70 BAR

Air Consumption

1.5 scfh (0.11 m3/hr)
at mid range typical

4.5 scfh (0.16 m3/hr)
at mid range typical

Supply Pressure

Note: Supply pressure must be a minimum of 5 psig above maximum ouput

100 psig (7.0 BAR) maximum

60 psig (4.00 BAR) maximum
for 1-17 psig output unit

130 psig (8.7 BAR) maximum

Flow Capacity at mid-range

4.5 scfm (7.6 m3/hr)
at 25 psig (1.7 BAR) supply

12.0 scfm (20.0 m3/hr)
at 100 psig (7.0 BAR) supply

20.0 scfm (34.0 m3/hr)
at 150 psig (10.0 BAR) supply

Temperature Limits

-40° to +160° F
(-40° to +71° C)

-40° to + 200° F 
(-40° to + 93° C)

Loop Load, I/P Transducer

9.5 VDC @ 20mA


Supply Voltage, E/P Transducer

7-30 VDC, less than 3mA


Signal Impedance E/P Transducer

10 Kilohms


Accuracy, Hysteresis, and Repeatability

+ or - 0.10% of span


0.02% of span

Position Effect

No measurable effect

Vibration Effect

Less than ±1.0% of span under the following conditions: 5-l5Hz @ 0.8 inches constant displacement; 15-500Hz @ l0g's

Supply Pressure Effect

No measurable effect

Temperature Effect

+ or - 0.045% / oF (0.07% / oC) of span

Reverse Polarity Effect

No damage occurs from reversal of normal supply current (4-20mA) or from misapplication of up to 60mA

RFI/EMI Effect

See section 1.8 of Instruction Manual

Electrical Connections
Conduit 1/2" NPT (A), DIN 43650 (D), M12 (M), Terminal Block (T)

Port Sizes

Electric...............l/2" NPT


Clean, dry, oil-free, air filtered to 40 micron


Direct wall, panel, 2" pipe, or DIN rail (optional)


Housing: Chromate treated aluminum with epoxy paint. NEMA-4X (IP65). Elastomers: Buna-N. Trim: Stainless steel, brass, zinc plated steel


13.0 oz. (0 4 kg)


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