Rolling Diaphragm Cylinders

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The advent of the long stroke rolling diaphragm as a means of low-friction dynamic sealing has led to the development of ControlAir's line of Diaphragm Air Cylinders. These cylinders provide virtually frictionless conversion of pneumatic pressure to linear force. The fact that there is no stiction or blow-by of any kind ensures accuracy, repeatability and sensitivity unheard of from conventional sliding seal air cylinders.

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Regulator Specifications
Our Cylinders are rated to operate on plant air up to 145 psi (10 Bar) at a temperature range of -40° F to 225° F. Custom diaphragm materials can be used to permit our cylinders to operate at temperatures from -75° F to 400° F. Although ControlAir's standard line of cylinders are for air service only, modifications are available to accommodate hydraulic or liquid pressurized applications.

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